Basic Arithmetic mental online Test

Basic Arithmetic mental online Test:

Basic Arithmetic mental online Test : Questions and answers consist of math you can take it online for testing your math arithmetic general knowledge.


Basic Maths-Arithmetic-1-Quizz/Online Test/MCQs

1. 6.6 in expanded form can be written as
2. Per cent means
3. 123 hundredths means
4. A per cent value less than 100% is less than
5. 125% of what number is 625
6. How many marks student got if 25% of mark is 50
7. If Uzair's body weight has increased from 40 kg to 60 kg, then what is percent change/increase
8. Any positive number is greater than
9. For positive base, exponent is usually
10. Solve if x = - 3 and y = +1 then solution 4xy - 2x

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