Demography and World Population Distribution’s Quiz on Human Geography

Demography definition 

Free quiz on “Demography and World Population Distribution’s Quiz on Human Geography” is posted for you. World population is increasing at an explosive rate. Most of the countries are affected by the population explosion. Population increase is normally in underdeveloped nations where as morality and life expectancy rates are higher in developed nations as compared to increase. Geography also studies and tells us about the population of world.


Demography and world population distribution's free quizz on Human Geography

1. 1/3 rd of the world’s population lives in
2. Population distributions is often represented by
3. After East Asia the second major population concentration is in
4. Book "The Population Bomb" is authored by
5. The number of live births per year per thousand people is usually referred as
6. The number of deaths per year per thousand people is usually referred as
7. Shift in population growth is usually referred as
8. Infant mortality is normally given as the number of cases
9. The lowest ever infant mortality rate among larger populations was of
10. The number of years, on average, someone may expect to remain alive is usually referred as
11. Life expectancy of the United States, Canada is
12. Life expectancy of the China is 75 whereas Australia and Japan has
13. Angola has lowest LE level which is

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