Human Geography quiz and Basic concepts

 Human Geography quiz and Basic concepts 

What is Geography?

Demographic attributes include population density, arithmetic population density, physiological population density. Moreover some geographer has also defined some stages of demography. Demography in geography  is very helpful in making policies and decision on larger scale basis, countries like China, United States and organizations like United Nation. It drives the nation’s decision maker to do the right decision at the right time. “tipschief” has collected useful information for students and teachers in the field of geography as free online quizz and tests. Bookmark this and stay connected for knowledge sharing. Here Quiz on ” Human Geography quiz and Basic concepts”.


Demographic Transition Model of Population of Human Geography free quiz and free online test for students

1. What is ICD...?
2. In how many groups ICD divides Human diseases...?
3. Death of Human population due to suicide, warfare, murder, and accidents are categorized in the
4. Internal body diseases to Human Population like cancer, heart disease, and strokes are included in the
5. Transferable disease in the Human Population are in Group
6. Mortality is often measure of
7. The world and most countries are going through a period of
8. Which boosts economic growth in Human Population
9. Change in age distribution has better social and economic consequences in Human Population
10. Life Expectancy in African Continent is badly affected by
11. The study of population in general perspective is referred as
12. Distribution of the population over the land is usually referred as
13. Arithmetic population density =
14. Population of a country or region divided by the area of arable land it has is usually referred as
15. Egypt Physiological population density(2010) is

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