Online Geometry Quiz with Questions and answers

Online geometry quiz

This is a Online geometry quiz for students with questions and answers. Click on start quiz button to start this online quiz.


Basic Math-Geometry-3-Quizz/Online Test/MCQs

1. A polygon containing congruent sides is referred as
2. Equiangular Polygon have
3. Line passing through center and joining any two points is referred as
4. Half of diameter is referred as
5. One half of circle is referred as
6. Area bounded by ARC and two radii is referred as
7. Three sided closed geometrical figure is referred as
8. Triangle having three congruent sides is referred as
9. Triangle having one angle of 90 degree is referred as
10. Four sided quadrilateral having only one pair of sides parallel is referred as
11. Equilateral having two pairs of sides parallel is referred as

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