Population rise and fall theories online quizz

Population rise and fall theories online quizz

Here quiz on Population rise and fall theories online quizz Growth in population is grinding resources at double rate, fossil fuels and other energy resources are being depleted. Besides power issues world is also facing, environmental pollution. Shortage of houses, shelters, food, resources, infrastructure and garbage issues in the populous countries are major problems. Moreover Terrorism is also a great danger for present human population. Demography shows that these problems will be worsened.


Population rise and fall -human geography

1. Thomas R Malthus published book on
2. According to Malthus Population increases at
3. According to Malthus Food production increases at
4. According to Hubbert (Pioneer of peak oil theory) the rate of extraction of oil globally would be at its extreme in the year
5. According to Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring DDT will totally damage the
6. The resources which can be reproduced at faster rate as compared to its consumption are referred as
7. How Many People Can the Earth Support book authored by
8. An exact number on the earth’s carrying capacity of human population can be predited
9. At present extinction rate is predicted to be
10. Population increase, economic growth, and urbanization are the factors which are responsible for
11. World temperature will rise to
12. Cornucopians may be referred as
13. According to Paul Robbins, Richard Peet, and Michael Watts rise and fall of population growth is neither good nor bad
14. Political ecologists are
15. Countries in africa like Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt in South Asia like India and Pakistan China and Tibet and in Gulf like Israel and Palestine have disputes over

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