Questions and answers on Math Geometry Quiz

Questions and answers on Math Geometry

Geometry words is combination of two greek words “Geo” means earth orplanet and “Metry” tands for measurement. Hence geometry is the science which is used to measure the planet or its shapes. Geometry deals with all sorts of figures and shapes. Euclid and muslims scientists are belived to be pioneers in the field of geometry. This quiz contains the Question and answers on Math Geometry, you can take this online quiz and test your Math Geometry skills


Basic Math-Geometry-5-Quizz/Online Test/MCQs

1. 1 radian =
2. 1 degree =
3. Area of a sector =
4. sine θ =
5. cos θ =
6. Tan θ =
7. Cot θ =
8. Sec θ =
9. Cosec θ
10. 2/5 x 120 degree =

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