Statistic Probability Math Quiz

Statistic Probability Math Quiz

Statistic Probability Math Quiz: One can only get high grades in math and stat if one has given time and done a lot of practice. The quizzes , tests and MCQs given of “tipschief” will be helpful for math beginner as well as professional to revive their topics in various discipline of math.


Basic Math-Statistic// Probability-1-Quizz/Online Test/MCQs

1. An orderly procedure carried out to get samples is referred as
2. All possible outcomes during an experiment is referred as
3. Each individual outcome of sample space may be referred as
4. Subset of a sample space "S" is referred as
5. If "A" and "B" are two events and A ∩ B =ǿ then event is referred as
6. For any random experiment there is always uncertainty as to whether a particular event will occur or not, is referred as
7. Probability P(A) =
8. For mutually exclusive event P(A U B) =
9. P(ǿ)  =
10. For A and B two events P(A U B) =
11. P(B\A) =
12. For A and B are independent events P (A ∩ B) =

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