How to cure dry eyes permanently

The eye is the world for human. Unfortunately, if eyes lost world lost. There is no alternate for this blessing. Sometimes, we do not know the value of a thing, unless we lost the thing.  Moreover, Allah Almighty also loves its creation who are thankful to His blessings. So, the real thank to blessing is we must strive for their health and beauty. Usually, we do not pay attention to our organs until we get down to bed. However, case of eyes is different. Whence, our eyes get ill our attitude, working and world tends to decline. But there is cure for all issue. Here we are presenting some affordable as well as effective tips for you sour eyes. Almost eyes can be cured permanently by following and studying this post How to cure dry eyes permanently.

Eye dryness causes

Medically, dry eyes referred to the issue, when your tear making system inside the eye is gone out of order. Tear is another gift for human, it contains water, natural lubricant for eyes and antibodies. Moreover, allergy and environmental pollution can also add fire to fury.  While excessive tearing also leads to dryness….this case is  perhaps less as we do not shed tears for others and as well as for himself before Allah. In addition to this unlimited use of mobile, computer and TV screen also make our eyes dry.

Get rid of dry eyes

One should remember that diseases and weaknesses arise due to lack of some vitamin and nutrients. Same is the case with ill human organs and particularly eyes. Why eyes get dry, as already mentioned above. So solution is to fulfill deficiencies i.e. water, antibodies etc.

Tips to get rid from dry eyes

  • Lubricate your eyes with water, pour or dip your eyes into water to increase hydration level.
  • Shed plenty of tears before Allah.
  • Get rid from smoking, as it affects eyes badly.
  • Make a schedule for screening i.e. watching TV and using mobile; remember excess of every thing is bad.
  • If situation is getting worse visit to your physician.
  • If your age is above 50 then do exercise regularly and stay active and stay way from sedentary life style.
  • Stay happy and get rid from tension, see post Natural herbs to get rid of Anxiety and Tension
  • Tension hurts our body organ so must see our post How to get rid from tension and sadness
  • Do not work and spend time in heated place.
  • Do not use artificial tears drops it will disturb and as well as destroy your natural eye tear system.

Home remedies for dry eyes

Home remedies for dry eyes lie in the following food items:


Castor oil

Rose water


Aloe Vera

After using above tips your eye will look like.