Does cosmetology brings beauty?

People from all ages want to look beautiful. From ancient time to present day both the gender wanted to be gorgeous. This urge of gender created new field of business like hair styling, skin and health care, cosmetics industry, yoga and all those activities which beautify a personality. And all these activities which help a personality in beautifying is called cosmetology. People mostly ask  “about beauty Does cosmetology brings beauty what is true beauty” . in this article we have made an effort to answer these questions.Article about beauty|Does cosmetology brings beauty|What is true beauty

Concept of beauty

So question is what is real beauty whether a person in white colour is beautiful or person having white colour is attractive. But one thing in beautiful thing or person is common that it is admired; people have a lot personalities and celebrities, other than their region or religion, who have attraction for them and they love them.

Beauty is region less

Kahlil Gibran rightly said that “Beauty neither has a region nor a religion”. So, it is universal fact that beauty is boundary less. But beauty is not concerned only with the facial or body beauty of a personality, it relates to something different….

According to Keats ” Beauty is truth, truth Beauty

                                     Thats all ye need to know earth”…

In another quotation of Kahlil Gibran about beauty ” Beauty is a mirror”.

It is admitted fact that Beauty is primarily concerned with facial beauty of genders, flowers or a natural scenery.

Beauty in nature

Beauty exists all around us, it is found in plants, animals, and million of other things and materials found on the earth and even in the whole universe. Contrarily, it is guessed that only a small number of people like a particular personality or thing, while on the other hand same personality or thing will be hated by the numerous people. Hero of one nation is the enemy and hater of the other nation. Generally people admire the beauty of red roses, besides other also admire pink and white roses.

In fact, rejection, acceptance or liking , disliking doesn’t make a standard for beautiful thing rather it classifies or categorizes the thing under question.

It may be concluded that beauty is found in human eye or admirer eye.  beauty is obviously a sense of similarity and proportionality.

What beauty has |Beauty is joy and happiness 

Beauty is sense of similarity and proportionality, which is appreciated by the human eye. john Keats has quoted that

                            “A thing of beauty is joy for ever”

What beauty is everlasting

It can be illustrated that a beautiful thing is an everlasting and beauty is an eternal bless. A beautiful mind is one which is full of positive ideas and approaches, which once shared and acted bring the happiness and progress in the society. Welfare and wellness of society is actually a beautiful thought which finally are implemented. We can also say that beauty is also existed in thinking, ideas, writing, working and daily and routine life plans. Type of beauty mentioned in the preceding line is badly needed for the present society. Such beauty is everlasting and eternal due to novel and sacred ideas.

Inner beauty vs outer beauty | Personality with beautiful mind is beautiful

If we turn the pages of history, we will find many writers, thinkers, poets, and painters who did strived hard for welfare of society and humanity. In fact all these people came into the world with beautiful mind and mind having positive mind and constructed ideas such ideas which gave birth many inventions, which are now facilitating the humanity and their society. An honest and dutiful negro doctor is more lovable then a beautiful and handsome lady doctor who have rude behavior with his patient, and is no more dutiful. Black doctor has no facial beauty as compared to white one but the former has a beautiful mind which later does not have.

If  we look at the English literature we find that Keats and Shelly are one of the greatest admirer of the beauty than any other writer. The dominant theme of the Keats poetry is beauty.

According to Keats and

Kahlil Gibran Beauty is not limited. it is whole not a small part.

What is true beauty

Mona Lisa,  Taj Mahal, Hanging Gardens and other wonders of world are results of ideas which came into the mind of their developer. So it may be concluded that good ideas, positive thinking and constructive philosophy is the core beauty. But one should also remember that beauty has also admire and joy if something is absence of these ingredients then it may be something else not beauty. cosmetology brings beauty

At the end here are inspirational quote on beauty

Francis Bacon once said that “The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express”.

cosmetology brings beauty