Bill Gates once said “Computers are not wonders but teachers are”. Of course, role of a teacher in life of a man is not ignored. But an experienced man has another teacher also in his life, which is –Mistake. He learns from mistake to get experience. Repeated attempts coupled with full of mistake hinder to reach a successful destination. Actually, mistake hinders a competitor to get his work without flaws. Missing connection between destination and start is mistake. Once this connection is made alive the path of success gets lighten. The puzzle solves after several unsuccessful attempts. And one single successful attempt is due to previous un-succeeded attempts made. Hence, unsuccessful attempts and mistakes made during the journey to a successful life behave as a teacher. Please read this- Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes – essay completely.

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes
Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes
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There are many examples in the history. Which shows that life of an experienced and successful Scientist, Warrior, Politician, Ruler and a common man is full of mistakes that he made to reach an admirable level. The difference between a success story is only that they never gave up their struggle due to their mistakes. And they effectively not repeated their mistake but used it as experience to move forward.

Often an old man or a retired person, whenever sits with a young man; he starts to give pieces of advice and share their life experiences. Their very aim is to get realize young man. He has gained a lot of success in his life through their work and experience. But if the situation is reversed for the old man. If we peep into his past we will see him as an untrained and unexperienced young man to whom he is going to give lecture for successful life. Therefore, Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

So the story of an experienced man starts with getting experience and ends as an experienced man. But what happens in the middle of this story, surely it is full of mistakes. For a wise person every mistake leads to experience and experience leads to a successful life. If someone is not ready to make mistake, then he is not deserve able for title of an experienced person. Just as you cannot get fruit if you are not going to make an attempt to get it from a tree. Lesson of life is make mistake if you want to get experience. And experience will then lead you to a successful life.

Evolution theory says that our ancestor lived in caves and jungles; but life now we are spending is full of luxury and facilities. How this change occurs and if the evolution theory is correct then why other livings are still at the level where our ancestors were. The only difference is that man uses his wisdom and learns from his mistakes and transfers his experience, resulted through mistakes, to his next generation.

He fought with natural and climatic miseries, he rendered animals to work for him, he made attempts to change his life and environment for his good, he paved the way of rivers for his benefits, he learned from nature and environment, he continuously got inspiration from teacher of mistake and finally the life of caves and jungles is no more his present but his past; that is no more. Since then struggle and mistakes are going side by side.

The key difference between a successful person and a failure person is that successful person turns the lesson of his mistakes into experience and move forward with repeated attempts to get success, on the other hand a failure person does not learn from his mistakes and secondly he leaves effort to reach his destined point.

Actually, experience is the fruit that one’s get from ones’ mistakes. No mistake no fruit of success. The whole chain of success is based on the struggle and mistake. Experience is a commodity that is neither available in the market nor it is available free in nature. Experience is something that is earned. It is earned after due mistakes and performing a task in ample way is done in absence of mistake that is made in previous attempts.

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Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes