Saying of Jesus

JESUS PBUH is the holy prophet and religious leader.  Here are some Saying of Jesus quoted in Bible.

Jesus quotes bible quotes saying of jesus



sayings of jesus


Jesus (AS) once said, “Woe to the deluded, for this world shows them what they detest. In the end, they must abandon what they love, and depart for that which they were promised. Woe to the one whose constant preoccupation is this world and whose grave mistakes are his very actions. What shame they will cause him soon enough!”

Jesus (AS) once said, “Work for God and not for your stomachs. Look at the birds: they rise up at dawn and enter into the evening having neither planted nor harvested, yet God provides for them. Now if you say to me, ‘Our stomachs are so much larger than those of birds,’ look then at the oxen, the wild beasts and the donkeys; they neither plow nor harvest the earth, yet God provides for them as well. Beware of the luxuries of this world, and fear them, for the luxuries of this world are filth in the sight of God.”

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Jesus (AS) once said, You will never obtain what you desire except through patience with what you despise.