Online Science Quiz

This is an Online Science Quiz. Basic of science and information about all branches of science can be improved through learning, but in this era book reading is becoming old story. Kids of all ages hunt for learning but in an interesting way. have added a quiz for kids, parents and teachers are requested to advise kids to practice it.

To improve knowledge of kids and develop a base parents are advised that donot indulge kids in long and complicated definitions and explanations about scientific facts rather give them objective type and small Q/A. So that they get familiarize in short and simple manners about the facts of basic science. On our web some other quiz and questions answers are given for kids for their practice and knowledge. Parents and kids are requested to give their feed back since we give value to our users comments and remarks.

Online science quiz for kids

Every parents and teachers is keen to improve the knowledge of their kids/students in basics of science. Science education has become almost necessary and essential in present era. Much stress is being given in under developed countries, but due to lack of resources alot of students are unfamiliar to the basics of science. In this connection, a little effort is being made by the “” for improving the basic knowledge and give a rehearsal forum for kids of all ages. comments and views of teachers and learners will be honored.