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Child labour

Child labour is termed as to put the children under labour or work which is otherwise not allowed according to local or international rules and laws. All sort of activities, work, tasks and labour which snatches the childhood of a children is unlawful and is termed as child labour under instructions and guidelines of ILO and UN. (Essay on Child Labour )

When the child labour started

It is found that child labour took birth during the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom. Slowly it extended to all other nations and regions. During this era children were forced to do work in the mines, factories and even at houses. They were required to work day and night and in some worst cases they were even not given any charges.

Social activists and reformers also worked side by side to eliminate this cruelty in that era as well. One of the most depicted work was of Charles Dickens who wrote against the child labour, in the year 1837. Little by little, people and Governments found that it must be eradicated and laws and rules were framed and implemented. Besides this, some Nations, like Germany, also made to force the children to work.

Child labour and ILO

ILO refers child labour as  “Silent conspiracy”.  For the reason that, child labour is taken as most secretive and confidential all over the entire Globe. It is estimated that more than 26 billion children are forced to work.

Child labour has been turned into a severe curse. ILO assessed that children under the age between 5 to 14 are compelled to work all over the world. Over and above 8.5 billion children in Africa and 1.5 billion in American continent are working under age.

UNICEF also pointed that one out of four children are forced to labour in the under developed countries. According to reports children are engaged in child labour in Mexico and American continent.

Asia is not the heaven for children as well, majority of children are working in the carpets, sports, mining and agricultural industries, their wages and working time is adverse. Children are forced to work due to poverty and illiteracy.

Children in ASIA are involved in industries like bricks kiln, glass factories, crockery manufacturing, glass and sports goods manufacturing.

Besides all this India and Pakistan in this regions are the countries who have framed and implemented laws against this cruelty. Fines and punishment are being given to the culprits who forced the children to work. However, still in Asia majority of children are seen working at hotels, cafes, bars.

Now Punjab CM in Pakistan is striving hard to eliminate child labour at bricks kiln. Similar efforts are being made for Human Rights and child labour in Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia.

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Famous industries where children are involved in Labour in ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA, AFRICA and MIDDLE EAST.

Bricks making.

Carpet Manufacturing.

Sports and Leather goods.

Glass and mining industries.

Packing and loading of goods.

Construction and mason work.

Hotels, Houses, Bars and Cafes.

Motor and Auto Mechanic shops.

Street Children are engaged in activities like vehicle washing, polishing of shoes, forced begging, collection of paper and wastes etc.

Agriculture and crops production.

essay on child labor

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