Why your Phone is Slow?

slow phone

This article is about ” why speed of smartphone got extremely slow “. According to a newspaper of New York Mobile phone users are often heard complaining that his phone begins to slow down after some time and then after some time becomes so unbearably slow, and some even know the trouble to refrain from buying new phones do.

Speed of smartphone got extremely slow:

It is not a coincidence that your smartphone begins to slow down after some time? Technology experts agree that it is not natural, but because of mobile phone manufacturers, who will force consumers buy a new phone.

speed of smartphone got extremely slow

Magazine, “The Huffington Post” published a report and give the example of Apple that every year in the autumn he launch a new operating system ios. Once a new version introduces and generally has been found that the new iPhone purchase rates also increases. Technology experts say the phone companies and operating systems are designed such that after a while begin to slow and then the consumer is informed that the operating system has new updates to be used and It is also noted that the new operating system will work best on the new model of mobile phone. The new operating system and new mobile phone users are always trapped in the cycle of living. Experts say that Apple and other companies to consumers to buy new phones every year after two years to utilize the same tactics.