Basic Math Geometry Quiz Test MCQS

 Basic Math Geometry Quiz Test MCQS

Practice makes a man perfect.  Practice to improve skills in mathematics and especially in Geometry is much more essential. Geometry definitions, concepts and formulas need regular revision. One can only get high grades in math if ones has given time and done a lot of practice. The quizzes , tests and MCQs given of “tipschief” will be helpful for math beginner as well as professional to revive their topics in various discipline of math. Here  Basic Math Geometry Quiz Test MCQS is for your practice.


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1. In geometry "." is often used for stop or position is called
2. A Geometrical figure which has length but has no width or breath is referred as
3. A continuously changing direction line is referred as
4. A geometrical figure which has length and width but no thickness is referred as
5. An enclosed area of space bounded by the plane or curved surface or surfaces is referred as
6. Flat surface is often referred as
7. The geometrical figure which joins two points is referred as
8. A geometrical figure having one end pint is called
9. The geometrical figure formed by two rays having a common endpoint is referred as
10. Unit often used to measure the Angle is referred as
11. Tool often used to measure angle in class room work is referred as

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