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In markets and shopping mall during shopping  surly you see different hair mask and conditioner, etc. They are usually  in jars or tubes are typically a thick paste that is kind and homely hair care for dry hair is applied.  Conditioners for dry and lifeless hair,that moisturizers and make shine to them .in short  Each mask has something objectives.But,sometimes these things are expensive . Here are some masks tips for you.

Why Homemade masks are useful instead of market masks?

A question can arise in some people mind ,that If ¬†masks are available in ¬†the market then why we do effort to make them at home simple answer is that the market ¬†masks all are not good or expensive and chemicals made that are harmful for hair,long term use or use of these chemicals made masks can damage your hair and can spoil the natural beauty and shine of hair,because ¬†market market ‘s masks gives a temporary shine or beauty to your hair ,there impacts are not long lasting on the hair, but they also make to weaken hair. ¬†Hair dye, perm also damage your hair,so,its better that to ¬†treat your hair ¬†at home .Home mask made are chemical free that are best for your hair.
For the safety of ¬†your hair , we will give you the advice ,don’t take risk used homemade masks. Domestic Hair ¬†masks are not only cheap in price but they are also free of chemicals and harmless for hair.¬†Best thing is that you can make them at home easily and does not require a particular object ,which you have to spend a lot of money, but you can make these masks by natural ingredients ,which you can get in your kitchen.
Yogurt, eggs and oil is considered best things for hair care.Choose things According to the structure of your hair, olive, coconut or other oils effective. Moreover, turmeric, sandalwood powder, fruit marrow as Strawberry, Banana are also very good for hair.

Homemade tips for hair

These three masks must used once a week, because these masks are suitable for every type of hair.

After applying and washing your hair  you will  feel the difference by yourself that ,its will make your hair not only shine but your hair will be  less complicated and easier to untangle them.

Remedies for dry hair | Eggs and yogurt mask for dry and lifeless hair

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Comp your hair before applying  any masks .Mix the egg and half a cup of yogurt to make a mask ,then apply in the roots of your hair, leave it for 1  hour. Duration of applying  can be  more than one hour. More than two hours and you can apply it, minimum time is at least twenty minutes and then shampoo normal hair and washed with water, make sure not to use hot water.

Eggs and yogurt mask natural moisture and shine to the hair along,it is also good for dryness on head skin. . You can add honey, lemon juice, fruit marrow,  olive or almond oil in according to your hair structure.  The mask is made of yogurt  yogurt is very  effective,this mask is best for summer season.

If you want to lighten the color of the hair ,take any three main components add  lemon juice and honey mixed it,and Apply on  hair The masks is good for shine in the hair, but also make them stronger.

Hair growth mask 

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Take 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of milk, mix well and put on your hair, leave for twenty to thirty minutes on hair and then wash it . You can easily divide the hair into parts using a mask Apply the mask well and also be looking at the roots.  Brush your hair before applying the mask so that should not be complicated. According to  your hair length and condition , you may reduce or increase  the amount of milk.If You have  Small hair reduce the amount of milk or  add a little water in it.

Banana Mask to make hair silky healthyhair tips09876

Take a  banana and half  cup of milk that may well blended that mixture becomes a smooth, then add three tablespoons almond oil . You can also change the mask components. Ayukydu also be added, such as  yogurt or buttermilk can be added. Add the honey and eggs in this mask for extra dry hair . The mixture will be thicken ,apply the mask and leave it for twenty to thirty minutes in the hair and do  normal hair wash with shampoo.