Easy And Simple Tips For Hair care :

Hair make messy everyday  by work around, walk and air pollution, And  a question rise in the mind of every person, How often should i wash my hair ?how often i should wash my hair

 There are some effective tips  for  cleaning hair  and useful points for shampoo your hair.

Do not use shampoo each day:

Health experts say that don’t daily shampoo your hair,because there are toxic chemicals in shampoo, Daily use of shampoo  can also cause dryness  in the  your head.It is better wash your hair  two or three times in a the week .You can use clean water for daily to wash your hair.

Wash Your Hair Properly :

Keep in mind that when wash your hair use plenty of water and no shampoo should left in hair because when you do not wash out shampoo  properly ,Its destroy your head skin cause dryness and many other problems.

easy and simple tips for hairDon’t Use Soap :

Soap can damage your hair badly its can create many hair diseases So, Be Careful and avoid use of soap on your hair.

Take Healthy Diet for healthy Hair:easy and simple tips for hair

Your diet effect your hair growth So,always take healthy diet like milk,eggs, fruits,vegetables and nuts.comb your hair regular and message with any oil comb your hair regular and message with any oil which is good for your hair is also a food of your hair.