How to keep a healthy heart | healthy Heart tips

Even if you are not an health patient but these magical tips will keep a healthy heart and you will enjoy the all colors of your life.

Caution in use of Salt :

Avoid such kind  of spices which are the  components of such a refrain from spices, salt, or sodium, The following are examples, garlic salt, sea salt, and mono sodium (MSG).
Avoid sauces such as ketchup, salt, pepper and sauce, soya sauce and other sauces that are high in salt.
Add herbs and spices in your diet, such as parcels, wild mint, fresh garlic or garlic powder, fresh onion or onion powder, ginger, turmeric, (tarragon), cumin, ground red pepper, lemon , and vinegar.
Canned vegetables squeeze well before use because  the water that in it is salty.
And avoid  frozen, and prepared foods of restaurants, most of which of is salt. In start you will  feel bad without slat but later  your stomach will use to of such kind food,you know health is greatest wealth. So,it is very good for your heart and body.

Eat low-fat foods.

Eat fat fried foods less, such as samosas, pakoras, sweets, biscuits, chips and pastries.
Use less saturated fat, such as animal fat, mostly saturated at room temperature are solid fats, such as butter, ghee (clarified butter prepared) and chicken skin.
Use Swiss food being prepared with a light cream
Use milk without cream.
Avoid trans fats, which are used to  prepared meals ,use healthier methods such as steam, bake, bake in the oven, and bake in water.

Take care of cholesterol in their diet

Eat foods low in cholesterol, such as egg yolk, liver, and corn fish

Eat Fiber foods:

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that does not digest in our body. There are two types of fiber, the digested able and undigested fibers food: undigested fiber acts like a sponge. As soon as the food is moves in the intestines, it is absorbed by the water in the diet, due to water its regulates bowel and digestion. Peels and skins of wheat grain fiber is too small undistinguished. The skins of many fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of fiber is undistinguished. Fruit seeds contain a lot of fiber is undistinguished. The food is recomputed or Pisa attractive, dude, boiled or juice is extracted in the fiber is much less. Without being resolved in to get fiber foods Eat more cuts.

As they pass through the body food system changes these fiber into a jelly. This fiber ‘s  jelly is some things that would bind cholesterol . The fiber can reduced risk of heart diseases by  preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the blood . Pectin be resolved in fiber (pectin), which is used to make jelly resin and  is obtained from natural sources such as  oats, peas, beans, lentils, some seeds, brown rice, barley, fruits (such as apples), some green vegetables (such as broccoli), and potatoes.

Use vegetables and fruits:

To get all kind of nutrition, use different colors of vegetables.
If possible for you take fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit.
Avoid tin fruits because sugar syrup in it.
These packaged vegetables and avoid pre-prepared sauces and use them without sugar syrup.

Take grain and carbohydrates :

Use such kind of grains and carbohydrates which are low on  Glycemic Index.e.g


Glycemic index (glucose = 100)

Whole wheat bread, average


100% Whole Grain’s bread (Natural Ovens)


Pita bread, white


Use such grains in Which are high in fiber ,such as bread, ,barley  bread,maize,rye, eat brown basmati rice instead of white rice.

Use Milk, milk products, and their meal replacement foods:

Use low-fat milk, such as cream or 1% of the upper one.Low-fat yogurt and cheese.
Use Low fat dairy foods substitute soy milk (soy milk) and foods made from rice.

Take meat and meat’s alternatives:

Eat  fish in meals At least 2 times in a week .Take plant  nutritious foods, such as tofu (tofu), lentils, beans and eat the salad.Eat meat without fats. Eat chicken without the skin.
Used Low-fat cheese and cheese made from the milk of 20% below the upper use.

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10 easy ways to keep your heart healthy:

  • Do walk daily,or some physical activities daily.
  • Maintain a balanced weight.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Drink alot of water everyday.
  • Take healthy food at daily bases.
  • Stay optimistic .
  • Adopt company of positive people.
  • Adopt healthy activities Activities like painting, writing, yoga and meditation .
  • Avoid negative thoughts and behavior.
  • Control your blood pressure by taking balanced diet and adopting happy life style.