Benefits of Eating Raw Carrots 88900


Carrots are found  in all countries of the world and it is considered very favorite vegetable and  is a very nutritious food. Carrots, green leaf protein, minerals and vitamins which are sufficient motivating are very useful for health.


Types of Carrot

Carrots are divided into two types. Asian carrot which is a long, dark color and is sweet, soft skin and a few other European carrot fibers is considered to be a better size. Is a very good source of vitamin A. Sodium, sulfur, chlorine, and there is some amount of iodine is in carrot. Keep in mind that using the carrot without peeling ,its mineral can be wasted when you peeled.

Carrots have the following advantages

  •  Carrots  salty components keep human body blood clean.
  • It is useful for the development of the body as well as helpful for  the  produces acidic in body.
  • Carrot juice is also best for both children and adults.
  • Carrot juice is consider  healthy  for eyes.
  • To  Keep the skin fresh carrots are very helpful.
  •  After eating carrots its  chewing pieces are good  for  mouth ‘s bacteria they killed them.
  • Stops bleeding gums and reduce tooth germs decay in mouth.
  • Carrot tract is helpful to remove the drawbacks.
  •  Used of carrots prevents stomach ulcers and  keep saved from other digestive diseases.
  • It is effective in many diseases of Small and large intestine .
  • Mix Carrot with spinach juice ,it is  good  for  stomach and intestines are clean.
  • Carrot juice is good in  diarrhea and complete the lack of water and salts in body.
  • Carrot juice  is also great for stomach worms .
  • Carrots can be used in various ways, such as by boiling, as salads, cooked or as juice,in all ways it is good for health.