How to avoid the flu in winter | Home Remedies For Flu and seasonal Allergic

As soon as the winter cold wind gusts  chills the body and flu started,in cold season mostly people  also have allergies.Don’t take a lots of tablets for prevention  there are  four methods or tips that will help you great .How to avoid the flu in winter

Flu treatment with Apple vinegar:

Its reduced matter which cause by air ducts in cold wind. Vinegar is useful for  allergy which is  generating by the elements such as dust, flower’s  cumin or suffering from the cold. For all cold and seasonal allergy a simple tip for take one glass of water and put one spoon apple vinegar in it mix it and drink.Take twice a day.

Manuka honey for flu :


Manuka honey is a type of honey. Honey bees  sucking the juice from the  manuka flower and this honey enhances your immune system and keep protect your baby from allergies. Manuka ‘s tree is  met in New Zealand, and its honey is available on the large general stores. Each morning, eat a spoon of honey develop such kind Antibiotics in your body which are produced naturally power which keep you save from allergies and fever infection.

Turmeric For Flu and throat ‘s pain due to clod:

Turmeric is very useful for body.You must make it a part of your daily diet, especially add it in your dishes. It not only gives color to your foods but  it has been a effective for  throat and flu,it removed the  effects of clod. At night before going to bed add a little turmeric in a glass of warm milk mixed and drink you can also add black pepper , it will give relieve to your chest.