Why Cant I sleep, How To Get Good Sleep

If You are suffering from uncomfortable sleep or can’t take Relaxing sleep and do not ¬†sleep in night? During sleep continue to suffer from anxiety then, you are not alone, millions of people suffering from this condition ¬†in the world.How To Get Good Sleep

According to latest research  blood pressure and obesity are causes of  uncomfortable sleep. In addition, there are many other reasons, which can disturb your sleep. You should also aware with Secrets Of Happy Life for good Sleep.

how to fix sleeping problems:

Many people take ¬†sleeping pills to get ¬†support in sleep , but it is not the right solution. You should be aware of the fact that sleep pills are consists of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. It is also important to know for you that more before going to sleep if you take too much exercise you will be unable to sleep well. It is extremely necessary for a good sleep that will set your hours or time of sleep . Experts discover some new ways, which is about ¬†sleep and surly mostly people are ¬†till don’t aware of them.

Some effective sleeping tips proved by Experts:

  1. Mostly its happen When you keep your head on a pillow in the dark for sleep  when  complications and problems of all day  are star coming into your mind .Yes its happen,but you can get rid by this .Adopt a simple tip for everyday before sleep,The best way  take a paper and pen. and star writing all these issues and problems, which are all day on your head. which are making upset you and  after write it throws in dustbin., then put paper pen aside and off the lights and go for sleep.
  2. If it still does not sleep might take body massage. Do some Yoga before going to bed.
    Yoga is very useful,  standing straight and open your legs, then bend forward toward your stomach.  swing your hands, bend until pain begin in neck and shoulder .
  3. If you are having constant yawning experts says it happen when ¬†your brain is not getting enough oxygen. So take a deep breath. ¬†From Breathing ¬†you can get rid of nervous tension and soon you will sleep and will ¬†reach in the valley of dreams. ūüôā
  4. Keep your bedroom environment in  such a manner that you feel sleepy as you enter in bedroom . Everything in the bedroom should be according to your mood.If any Voices comes  from the adjoining room to disrupt your  sleep, when change your bed near the other wall from the adjoining room. Bed mattress  should be tight, so you back should  straight. Bedroom temperature  should be good according to weather.
  5. Avoid bright light at bedtime. Seeing the lights the ¬†human brain thinks it should be active and alert. 30 to 40-watt bulbs ¬†should in the bedroom. The light should not reach you directly. You can fit ¬†lights shed on the bedroom bulbs. Try that when you wake up in the morning, the sun’s rays do not fall directly on your eyes.If ¬†Moonlit comes in your room and you live in such place where street light poles these lights can also disrupted some person sleep so avoided.
  6. Experts says that Wait only twenty minutes  for sleep. If it does not, then get out of bed, go  do some work in another room . Then you feel  your eyes heavy with sleep  lie down on the bed. If you woke up suddenly in the night and did not sleep, then and follow the same process.You can  read comic books before sleep, it is also effective.