How to be happy in life | Tips to be happy in life

Human activities have started in the morning until the evening, but his work is not finished. Human life is so busy in routines that modern man  does not care about his health. The abundance of activities effect the quality of life in the same way  his health is deteriorate as well, he is also prone to being irritation. According to a recently research that a person has brought pleasure to change  their routines .

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10 ways to be happy in life:

There are some simple things or activities  that can make a great positive change in your life and you can live a healthy life.

  • Never Forget breakfast:

Australian Sydney University researchers on the five hundred men and women who have loss weight 15 to 25 . The study revealed that 80 percent of these people had breakfast the all day of the week.

  • Take vitamin E:

Experts have discovered that stubbornness oxidation and medication to thin the blood in the arteries  its can also thin the 80 percent of the blood which is became thick. Taking vitamins have great advantages for both  sexes specially for male that it can lower their cholesterol level  does not clot fat in their  arteries.

  • Do participate in volunteer activity:

You Should try to help the helpless people: you can do one day per week volunteer activity it will give you mentally peace and heart ‘s happiness. Other than that, the fear of death is reduced by 50 percent in those people whose does any welfare work.

  • Try to keep Good and loving environment in home:

Stay sincere with your family and life partner, love and understanding creates a healthy environment in home.The study and research proved that the risk of getting ill is increases 35 percent due to bad environment at home, while the average age is also became less due to bad environment.

  •  Exercise Decreases Depression :

In today’s fast-paced life sometimes man unwillingly get in mental pressure, several men and women strive to eliminate depression by eating tablets. The exercise is the best natural treatment for depression. Experts recommend that 40 minutes of daily exercise,  Indeed, the effect of regular exercise is like taking anti depression tablets.

  • Crunch Exercises:1234568890

Doctors have known from experience that a person may strengthen your abdominal muscles tight so it does not back pain and abdominal exercises are the best way to strengthen the muscles. Experts in this regard called Crunch the effective exercise. Crunch perform the way back to lying. Hold your neck by twisting  your arms,up your both knees at the top.

  • Take Amigo 3 fatty acids : 

If a person eat fish once a week, its protects  from heart’s disease and pain ,as Amigo 3 fatty acids reinforces to our heart, and it is find in fish meat in  high amount.

  • Used dry brush to clean your teeth.

  BY acting upon on this simple method your teeth will Brush your teeth with dry tooth brush clean ,it will removed Tartar 60 percent and  finished the bleeding of gum .Used soft side of brush to clean inner and outer sides of teeth.

  • Don’t Take tea too much:
  • Try to drink only  one cup of tea in a day ,mostly people whose like tea drink several cup of tea in a day it is not good for health  so you should avoid to drink too much  of tea.
  • Used good pillow for head and neck support :
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Always used good ans soft pillow for sleep.In market a lot of pillow available which are made for head and neck support try to choose best one for you.

  • Take Proper Sleep at night:

Many men and women are sitting up late night like children. They can not sleep again and spend the night in turning sides on bed.  European doctors  recommend a method for sleep. The method  is that if you get up quickly,take a towel wet it with the water, and massage your body with  the towel, rub it  on  arms legs and upper body and soon you will sleep. here are some Tips for  How To Get Good Sleep.