Get Rid From Tension and Sadness

Here are some easy and effective tips to reduce tension and stress. If you are interested in Natural way to get rid of Anxiety, you can click here.

1.Start your day positivelytop tips88

Start your day with some positive activities like prayers,morning walk,swimming,exercise or which one is easily possible for you.If you don’t do anything everyday from following activities..A very simple and effective tip for you.

Take Deep Breath

get rid from tension and sadness

Yes,take deep breath maximum five times every morning. First, take air through your nose and then out air from your mouth,it will made you fresh very soon.It is very easy,short and effective tip for reduce stress,not only in morning but in anytime of day when you feel  worrying and tension,you can do this exercise,It will make You tension free.

2.Count and thanks for Your Blessings

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Tension is the production of negative thoughts.Mostly people are  living in their past or they only remembers their mishaps,they don’t realize that day is a new day and in every situation, even in negative situation,  there is something good and positive for them.People think habitually they only remember bad times or their loses mostly,it is said that ” Change your thoughts and you will change  change your World”.  (How to spend a happy life) It is 100 % true,and you will see when you will change your negative  way of thinking , you will find happiness in your life because, mostly our daily tensions are created by ourselves,they are not actually big such that we are thinking because it is your imaginations and thoughts that make you disappoint and hopeless.When you will start count of your blessings instead of your loses, you will find that alots of things you have for thanks and to live happy.Keep in mind that, “Happiness” is not something ready made it is a attitude.Always try to find the solutions instead of overthinking or just thinking about things  you loss. So, Think Positive And Be Hopeful Always.

3.Read Positive Books/Write Dairy

get rid from tension and sadness

Pleasing books  are like life guider and spanking pal.Always find time for these marvelous helper and life guiders.Read autobiography  or biography of these thought provoking heads and you will find that mostly those excellent heads started with very little .Their life was also problematical,but their determination towards actual made them  unforgettable.Religious books are also great fountain of vision.Writing daily dairy is also help,you can write about your daily activities or about the things which you don’t share with anyone else.It will make you feel light.

4.Take A Look Towards Your Routine Food


balance diet
Human brain require glucose to function well,glucose gets from carbohydrates so,unhealthy food,overeating or eating less both are creates many physically and hormonal issues in body, when your body is not performing good,this is definitely disturb your mood and mind.

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Unhealthy meal effects you in many ways like low consciousness,aggression, less sleep. If you have good sleep, you will have a pleasant and fresh mind. Its makes tough for you to focus on affirmative thought and temper. Focus on good and affirmative thoughts are very essential to get from worrying and sadness. Always take healthy breakfast and dinner regularly. Don’t eat fast food at daily basics. Smoking in long  term is also creates many problems in body and mood.