Tips to deal with frustration and anger

Frustration and anger are gifts of modern life style. Here we will give tips to deal with frustration and anger to stay fit and play healthy and constructive role in your daily life.

People storms on small things and get annoy.  It is found those frustrate and angered persons wanted to get rid from such behavior but due to lack of counseling and guide they remain trapped in their web, and thus destroy their relations as well health.  No doubt, anger has power but this power must be realized for bad happening and out of law issues in society, however to handle bad things anger is not the only trusted and last remedy.




tips to deal with frustration and angerr

First of all you should check yourself whether you have an issue of frustration or anger on small things. It’s very simple here is checklist:-

  • Whether you get fume on traffic signal or traffic rules violation of others.
  • You taunt you kids on small things.
  • You have no patience for discussion and debate rather you quarrel.
  • You insist on your viewpoint.
  • Mostly you do not accept others view point.
  • On small issue and pressing scenario, you become tense.
  • Your blood pressure goes higher side when you listen un- happy or un-expected news.
  • You get annoy on neighbors wrong parking or other street’s affairs.

If there is  “Yes”  to above-mentioned queries then it is obvious that you need to control yourself and mend yourself for healthy life style.

Eleven (11) ways for Anger management and simple ways to control your anger and frustration.

  1. Talk less and listen more:-

This is one of the simplest ways to stop yourself to annoy others or to show that you are uncomfortable and having frustration. Talk less   does not mean that you do not express yourself but it is to express yourself in short and simple way do not exaggerate, do not copy just speak point to point. This  will make a boundary against your fear, anger and frustration. Try to trap the words of other listen other person carefully, handle him with your talk, and speak    rather bursting and angering.

tips to deal with frustration and anger

  1. Keep a smile on your face while meeting others:-

Smile costs nothing but amounts a lot, people feel good while receiving and meeting a smiley face. It will also bring   down the anger and peak behavior of second party.

  1. Do not burst stay calm and composed:-

Whenever you meet a situation, which is not comfortable for you, so first thing is to stay calm, composed, do tips to deal with frustrationnot rush for quarrel, think how you can manage this situation in an ethical and legal way. We advise do not quit but try to handle the situation in control manners once you frustrate the others will rule you and anger will return to you in shape of anger from other side so issue will remain unsettled.

  1. Be frost rather frustrate:-

To keep oneself frost is better strategy rather frustrating. Frosting settle issues while frustration will leave you in a lurk.  People run away from personalities whose anger level is higher, while they get attracted to smiley and frosted people.

  1. Control your body gestures and face expression:-

Anger is your body style and face expression, wise people hide their anger and frustration while controlling body gestures and face expressions. So best way is to look at your body gesture and face expression.

tips to deal with frustration

  1. Anger and frustration damages:-

Your brain and heart is main organ, which have bitter effect of your worst behavior. Brain cells loses their control, and pituitary gland present in brain secretes more juice/hormones to raise your blood pressure, while heart speeds up and pumps your blood speedily if you are young and teen ager then your brain and heart will most probably bear the shock whereas old an medium ager will bear worst as a brain hambergae or heart attack.




Continuous anger and high temper will disturb your blood pressure and will raise it to higher side.

Shrinking of blood vessels is most common in tension and anger.

Eyes diseases also due to high temper.

High blood pressure damages kidneys as well.

So for better health keep yourself away from anger and frustration.

  1. Build up your relation:-

    tips to deal with frustration

Usually anger on an occasion is due to multiple factors, present situation may not be the main cause of anger and frustration. There is also something in the background, to smooth the background of your life and relation, you just have to focus and streamline your relation. Build strong relation with your partner, parents and other family members, here are some tips for making the relation live and active:

  • Exchange gifts.
  • Pay attention to their problems and issues.
  • Help them when they are in trouble.
  • Share as sharing is caring.
  • Make family and friends tours.
  • Arrange lunch and dinner for relatives and friends.
  • Delegate and empower your partner and kids.
  • Remain in touch and close to your parents.

Above mentioned tips not only will make the relation strong but it will make busy to you and thus will keep you from tensions, worry and frustration. You can also study one of our posts how to get rid from tension.

  1. You cannot change everything:-

There are many things that are in our control while most of things are not in our control. The latter is the problem creator for men, people generally annoy over things and tense on the items which are not handled and control by them i.e. accidents, loss is business, down due to disease, theft, natural calamities, death, unlawful practices in society, illegal and unethical behavior of society etc. So one should remember that there are some divine things occur naturally, one should try to accept laws of nature.

  1. Be tolerant and patience:-

Tolerance is need of hour if you are not tolerate and patience then chances are you will face anger, un-tolerance, no one will spare you if you are not lenient to others. Your behavior in and outside the family determines how other will treat you. There are rare cases where tolerance and kindness is not rewarded and returned. Avoid anger and be tolerating to your dear ones.

  1. Consult your physician:-

Some people have weaker nerves in such cases a physician can better help to coup with the anger and frustration. If you have persistent attitude of anger and frustration then it is better to consult your doctor.

  1. Take rest and full sleep:-

Fatigue and lack of sleep also add fire to anger and frustration. According to research, seven to eight hours sleep not only necessary for brain but as well as for your heart. Rest and complete sleep will prepare you to ponder against daily activities. It will normalize your nerves and thus keep your anger and temper level at low.

Tips of the tip to avoid anger and frustration

tips to deal with frustration

Here are two most effective tips that you should practice.

  • Exercise regularly

It is necessary to do exercise daily; exercise will prepare your body to accept the sudden incidence. You can also check our post home fitness exercises for men. Both genders and any age group can practice these exercise. These are very helpful to coup with tension, sexual weakness, tiredness, anger and frustration. So try these.

  • Take balanced diet

Your diet play an important role in your behavior management. Take vegetable, fruits and juices in your food more as compared to meat and spicy items. Fatty foods will create anxiety and stomach problem and thus result will be in shape of anger and frustration.

  • Take plenty of water

Act on eight glass daily formula. Water will bring your blood pressure down which is cause of many anger and tension related issues.


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