Aloe vera gel offers great benefits to care for the skin and improve some problems such as dryness or acne, and delay aging. Here are “5 benefits of aloe vera gel to care for your skin”.

The aloe vera gel, viscous with great medicinal properties, is extracted from the fleshy leaves of the aloe vera plant .

On the other hand, It can be used topically to treat skin problems and also consume it along with a juice or aloe vera shake  to cure digestive disorders. In this article we share 5 benefits of aloe vera gel to care for the skin and improve problems such as dryness, acne , irritation or burns . This  is a simple and natural remedy that we should all have in our homes.

Aloe vera gel

It  is found, at common perennial in places with a warm climate. It has been used for thousands of years thanks to its medicinal properties and its facility to grow it at home.This plant is very beneficial thanks to its high content of enzymes, antioxidants , amino acids, mucilage and many other components.

Benefits of aloe vera gel for the skin

Cleans and fights acne

It has been found, that, Gel of aloe vera is an excellent cleanser for the skin. Thanks to its content in enzymes, when applied we perform a very gentle exfoliation of the skin. In this way, we eliminate dead cells without drying them out.

The aloe vera gel has the advantage that we can extract it from the penca in a simple way to apply it pure on the skin .If we do not have the plant, we can buy the gel in pharmacies and herbalists. However, we recommend choosing a product that is made, almost entirely, with aloe vera gel.

To the cleaning function we must add the antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties of aloe vera. In this way, we can prevent skin infections and combat disorders such as acne .

5 benefits of aloe vera gel to care for your skin..
5 benefits of aloe vera gel to care for your skin..

Hydrate without greasing

As, this gel is a very suitable moisturizing lotion for all skin types. If we have very dry dermis, we can mix it with some vegetable oil. In contrast, combination or oily skin will find in the aloe the perfect moisturizer to avoid excess sebum.

Since, it has moisturizing power that owes its content to mono saccharides, aloe is also a good natural lubricant . We can use the pure gel in our intimate area and even during sexual intercourse.

Likewise, If we need a natural, fast and effective solution to soothe the skin, aloe vera can be one of the best remedies. Thanks to its content in phytosterols and emolina, it also stands out for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties .

For this reason we should all have the plant within reach or the gel in the first aid kit. Therefore, we can apply the gel to relieve burns or stings , or as a lotion after waxing and shaving. In addition to soothing irritation, it also favors the regeneration of the skin and gives us a pleasant sensation of freshness.

5 benefits of aloe vera gel to care for your skin

Heals and regenerates

Herb Aloe vera is an excellent remedy to accelerate and improve healing. In fact, many treatments include this gel combined with rosehip oil . The combination of both ingredients is ideal for a perfect healing without marks.

In addition to this, the plant hormones that aloe vera contains are those that stimulate the growth of skin cells. However, to facilitate its effect we must be constant. Apply aloe vera as soon as possible, several times throughout the day, until it is completely healed.

Moreover, this medicinal plant meets, therefore, all the requirements to help maintain the youth of the skin:

  • Maintains hydration : Wrinkled skin is always related to a lack of hydration. On the other hand, a nourished skin is much more flexible and delays the appearance of fine lines.
  • Facilitates regeneration: The constant regeneration of skin cells helps us to prevent aging.
  • It contains many antioxidants: These fight the damage caused by free radicals.

However, It should be noted that its application should not be limited to the skin. The skin of our body will also benefit from the combination of aloe vera with some vegetable oil (coconut, almond, jojoba, etc.).

In short, with its continued use we can prevent problems such as dryness, stretch marks or eczema .  In addition, after massaging the skin, the gel will facilitate its absorption and the skin will be hydrated but not greasy.