eye vision improvement tips | tips to take care of eyes

The issue of eyesight weakness is common among all age level. Students and professional are worry about their eyesight loss. But if we do care, eyesight loss is not a issue. Care of eyes coupled with diet improve your vision. eye vision improvement tips | tips to take care of eyes are therefore being posted for improvement of your eyesight. There are some more posts on our web about eyes health and protection.

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Diet to improve eyesight

Use fish once in a week

eye vision improvement tips | tips to take care of eyes

There are a number of diets that help to improve health and vision of eyes. Fish is one of them, therefore use fish at least once in a week. As fish contains omega three fatty acids, this substance not only protect eyes against “dry eye issue”.How to cure dry eyes permanently There are also supplements -containing fish oil -helpful for eyes, and can be used as an alternate instead of eating fish.

Use of red onion during meal


Research reveals that red onion is a safeguard against cataract. Since it contains such anti oxydent that are useful for eyes. Red onion therefore can be used as a salad during lunch and dinner. However, it is good to use this at night.

Use sweet potato to improve night visioneye vision improvement tips | tips to take care of eyes

Scientist have found that loss of night vision is due to lack of Vitamin-A. Regular use of food containing Vitamin-A or supplements of vitamin-A can boost night vision. Sweet potato is one of the good sources of Vitamin-A. Moreover it contains calcium as well. Therefore, give sweet potato to those children for school lunch which are facing night vision problem.

Spinach for improving eye health

eye vision improvement tips | tips to take care of eyes




Spinach have many useful ingredients such as-

Energy: 23.18 Calories, Protein: 2.9 g, Iron: 2.71 mg, Potassium: 558 mg, (All per 100g ratio). This is big source of energy and vitamins is useful for memory as well as eyesight. Therefore it is recommended that eat spinach  twice in a week. Scientists believe that regular use of spinach is helpful to improve muscle of eyes. 

Drink eight glass water daily

eye vision improvement tips | tips to take care of eyes

Water is essential for your cells and organs activity. Therefore, drink plenty of water daily. Moreover, wash your eyes with clean and fresh water.

Best ways to increase eyesight

Use separate towel

Common use of towel can cause and spread ‘conjunctivitis’ or ‘pink eye’. Therefore, make habit of using separate towel. It will stop spreading not only  infection of eyes but various other diseases germs.

Use hat over head

Never go without hat during scorching heat of sun. Sun direct rays especially in summer not only damages health of hair but also affect brain and their function. So use hat regularly during out side of home and shelter.

Glasses improve eyesight

If your eyesight is weak and you are using eye glasses, then it is good and advisable to use your glasses all the time. Use of glasses will hinder further loss to your eyesight. Moreover, Sun glasses are also helpful to safe eyes from Ultra violet rays -that causes skin burn and skin cancer and cataract- of sun. So never forget to wear glasses all the time.

Eye relaxation exercises

eye vision improvement tips | tips to take care of eyes

Do not read and write for long-take rest- it is good to give rest to your eyes. While, working with computers and other IT gadgets, give rest and pause to your eyes. It is better to focus eyes at a far point. This will help cornea to relax.

Take a walk daily

Daily walk build up your stamina and stimulate metabolism. Thus, It also rehabilitate your body organs. Moreover, It normalizes your blood pressure.

eye massage at home

Massage is the best exercise to keep eyes active and healthy. There are creams for massage at market, one can use this. As compared to body massage eye massage must be done by professional and certified person.