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Indonesia is an Islamic country. The population of Indonesia is 267 million, ranked at 4 in the world whereas it lies at the top between Islamic states. Indonesia quiz questions and answers– is a quiz- will help you to improve your knowledge about Indonesia. Some most essential and worthy facts are in this quiz. Especially, information about  land and people, economy and government structure is in form of quiz questions about Indonesia. No doubt, there are a number of sites which have introductory quiz about sovereign nations, however they lack authenticity. There are more than 20 Questions in this quiz. Finally please go through this quiz. Let us inform and comments for improvement.

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What type of government does Indonesia have

Indonesia has Unitary  form of government, in which, presidential constitution is prevailing. Hence, Indonesia is Presidential Constitutional  Republic. Moreover, presidential form of government best suited Indonesia so far.

what is the largest island in Indonesia

Sumatra is the largest Island of world largest island country of Indonesia. Its area is 425,000 Sq. Km. Likewise, More facts about land and people are incorporated in –Indonesia quiz questions and answers….Below is the picture of national monument at Jakarta, Indonesia.




Indonesia quiz questions and answers

Indonesia quiz questions and answers

Quiz questions and answers about Indonesia are arranged for improving your knowledge about Indonesia.

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Indonesia quiz questions and answers