World geography trivia questions and answers

Geography is combination of two words Geo means earth and Graphy ( word of origin graphein to write something) hence geography is to write something about earth. Certainly, Eratosthenes was the first ever geographer who use the word geography. “World geography trivia questions and answers” quiz is based on questions from all branches of geography.


Branches of geography

There are two major branches of geography :

  1. Human Geography.
  2. Physical Geography.

Human geography

More precisely, Human geography, is study of human and their interaction, with its surroundings and environment. Generally, it focuses on the role, and action of human with its environment. Economics, tourism, and agriculture are major fields to whom human interact. Therefore, all fields are combination of one and another field. The major branches of human geography are

  1. Cultural geography
  2. Historical geography
  3. Political geography
  4. Population geography
  5. Demography
  6. Development geography
  7. Medical geography
  8. Transportation geography
  9. Urban geography

Physical geography

The Physical geography deals with physical components of earth and its environment. It studies the processes and patterns acting place on land (inside and outside), ocean and atmosphere.

Moreover, Geography knowledge is based on five basic these or areas which are attributed to its branches and covers the study sphere for geographers. Here short definition of themes are as under:

    • Location: Location is the either relative, or absolute position of item under study on earth.
    • Place: Where, item under study, is found and, its characteristics.
    • Human/Environment Interactions: How , when and what human and environmental factors and interrelating.
    • Movement: What are the moments of human and other items on earth.
    • Regions: Here, Region is super set of location and place.

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World geography trivia questions and answers

World geography trivia questions and answers  MCQS on geography top issues is arranged for students. However teachers and trainer can also use this article to assess their students. We will be happy if you plan your geography study by using our web as there are a lot other to explore about geography on our web.


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World geography trivia questions and answers
World geography trivia questions and answers