Geography study guide

Think why you are studying this subject unless until you have interest in any subject you cannot make distinction. So first most important thing is to know your area of interest and then study. Here are short tips are cited for you but the most important tip is to work hard. You must follow this “Geography study guide” to get good marks in your test/exams.TIPS for improving study skills

  1. Improve your reflection skills i.e. grab and reflect idea from the study material. Review and evaluate your ideas and study comparatively i.e. do not study just one author study two or more authors of the subject.reading books
  2. Brink and master your concepts, your concepts should be steer clear, focus on definitions and specific terms, rather details.
  3. Find a free and relaxed time for study.dlya_elfika_fresh-desktop-wallpaper
  4. First, read your textbook thoroughly and then go for comparative study.
  5. Search for relevant material on internet and libraries.
  6. Make your reading effective, do not stress on quantity, and focus on quality of reading and learning.making notes
  7. Make your own handbook of terms and definitions.
  8. Hunt for creativity and innovation while selecting relevant material.hard work and creativity
  9. Make discussion with your fellows.
  10. Listen effectively and attentively to class lectures.listening
  11. Participate in Oral presentations and discussion.
  12. Please cite reference while writing it for you.
  13. Improve your essay and comprehension  writing skills.
  14. Visit laboratory and libraries regularly.chemistry quiz
  15. Make a weekly revision at first instance while moving ahead.
  16. Get prepared while keeping in view your study contents and exams.
  17. Read and study maps, learn to develop maps.
  18. If your are good in map reading and making then you have an ability to become a good geographer/demographer.
  19. Do not bother to ask question to your teachers.teacher