Health and fitness tips 

Here tipschief is going to publish “Health and fitness tips” to stay healthy and smart. Please follow any of these not all 10 tips and please give us feedback.   

  1. Stay away from foods having too much fats| Fatty foodsHealth and fitness tips

One of the basic rule for eating is that don’t be obsessive, abstain excessive diet having high protein, fats etc. actually fats will fill up your blood path and moreover people high fats in blood will not only block the veins but it also gather around the eyes contact lenses, and eventually damages the lenses.

  1. Brush your teeth regularly | Teeth BrushingBrush your teeth regularly | Teeth Brushing

Brushing teeth should be your regular habit. Use dry brush for teeth, it will reduce your plaque up to 60%. Dry brush will also stop your bleeding from gums. Do not use low quality brushes, only use brush of reputed company. Brush your teeth gently at least 20 minutes.

  1. Take your breakfast regularly.

A recent research in Sydney university concluded that people taking breakfast regularly were found more fit as compared to the people running away from their breakfast.

  1. Eat fish once in a weekEat fish once in a week

There are proteins and oils in fishes which are essential for healthy heart. So eat fresh fish once in a week. It is found that cooked fish is more healthful than roasted fish. Since roasted fish will increase your blood pressure as compared to the cooked one.

  1. Take vitamin E and Aspirin

Experts advises both of these items for adults for present age, as these perform thinning of blood. They stop blood clotting which cause heart stroke. So men and women should take vitamin E and aspirin, however for dosage and quantity you at first hand consult your doctor.

  1. Keep yourself busy in healthy activities10 health tips for man and woman| Essential health tips

Good and moral activities will give you comfort and will release your tension, stay positive and participate in welfare and healthy activities like sports activities, hobbies, daily exercise and participation in welfare activities.

  1. Use green tea.

    Organic green tea

Research has shown that green tea is effective against cancer, fats. People who are interested to decrease their weight should regularly take green tea two or three time a day.

  1. Exercise regularly10 health tips for man and woman| Essential health tips

Exercise is most essential items of all activities which boost your health, do exercise regularly. Jogging, brisk waking, and simple aerobic exercises up to 30-40 minutes a day is good enough. So stay healthy and finds time to take exercise.

  1. Stay connected with your relations

Build a healthy relation with your dear ones, you have a good relation with your partner and offspring.  Do shares with them and try to understand their sensations. Do not become dictator in case of relationship. Give time and pay attention to their friends and relatives. The only thing which sour the relation is lack of communication and misunderstanding so sue the idea of “nip the evil in the bud” , observe the sourness and act at first chance to stop it destroying before misunderstandings grab your relationships.

It is found that healthy relation not only decrease the tension in life but also give an extra aid to stay healthy and to stay ion the show.

  1. Stopover depression

Healthy relationship and regular exercise are two main components which will decrease your tension and will give you boost. Presently, tension is one of the most adverse thing which is cause of brain and heart stroke. Moreover tension also damages other organ like kidney, eyes etc. A depressed person cannot perform his routine work effectively.  

Here are three Bonus TIPS for everyone.

  1. Overcome sleeplessness

In medical terminology sleeplessness is referred as insomnia. There is one major cause of sleeplessness is tension. Others may be biological reason which can be handled through medicines.  Habit of book reading and exercise can boost your sleep, moreover physical activities and healthy diet is also act as a remedy for sleeplessness.

  1. Be religious

Do not be extremist act on your religious guide lines to stay calm and social. Religious activities at moderate level will increase your social network, and in this way sharing with Allah and their people will decrease your worries.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking of water not only boost your immune system but also keep a person away from dehydration. Water is the most essential part of all of the human organs, there is more than 60% water constituents in human brain, water lower the blood pressure and normalize the kidney operation. This habit also prevent constipation.