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This paragraph titled as “Paragraph on social issues”. As and when human started living in groups and societies and began to build relationship, fears, problems and issues arose. Although, modern societies gradually solving a lot of issues, but still a large number of human population is in trap of one kind or another kind of issues.

Root cause of social issues

Man races for money, and power hungry countries have made societies a mess. Root cause of social issue is greed for wealth and illiteracy. These are two basic ingredients that generate directly or indirectly  all other social issues in human societies. Illiteracy not only cause violence but it brings and flourish poverty, unemployment, and population growth. Since, illiterate masses do not value skills they find shortcuts to solve their issues. As a result, they prefer to birth more and more children. According to them big family means more laborer to work.

On contrary, illiterate and unskilled youth yields child labor, child abuse and violence against women and children. Language conflicts, regionalism and caste issue in Asian and African societies are common social issues that are hindering their development. As, most of the social issue breed another issue same is the case with street crimes, alcoholism, drug abuse and violence as they are due to unemployment among masses.

How to settle  issues in society

Social issues affect whole society but youth and women in particular have greater effect.  Hunt for bread and butter and illiteracy are the main social issues. Other issues are secondary and are due to these two factors. Once these issues get solution other issues automatically get vanish. The remedies for the solution is to provide employment, education and utilities at doorstep. Along with, provision of basic needs such legislation must be made that are necessarily required to eradicate social problems. In addition to this, masses empowering should start at grass route level.


Social issues develop as human society grow and man can only can these issues. By providing education and employment most of social issues will vanish.

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