Essay should students textbooks be replaced by notebook computers

It is a debatable topic whether books should be replaced with notebook or tablet computers. As the technology is advancing man is becoming more and more sophisticated in his selection and use of  each and every thing. Therefore we are presenting “essay should students textbooks be replaced by notebook computers” to get your feed back.

The religions of world have emphasized upon reading and seeking knowledge. It is the writing manuscript and engraved words on rocks that conveyed information of past to present. Such written words are valuable and admirable. Interestingly, still majority of people admire and prefer to books reading. Surely, books were the reason for advancement in science and technology. While, Muslims gained knowledge from the books written by philosophers’ of Greek and on the other hand European laid foundation of industrial revolution and modern science on the basis of Muslims’ scholars work. No doubt, the use of laptop and notebook PCs will be economical and user friendly to replace heavy school bags but on the other hand computers being multi furious gadgets not only divert the attention of its users as well as health issues are more prevalent.




Essay on should students textbooks be replaced by notebook computers

Books vs Computers

So, books were real wonders which have put the civilization on skyscrapers from caves. Moreover, ideas of present and past are still flourishing through the best books written by the best professionals. However, as the time passes man progress is also increasing. Due to advancement and innovations, now in the field of technology and engineering  changing  are obvious with each passing day. Besides many useful discoveries, the computer- which is the main discovery – is reshaping the world with each passing day. It is computer which causes innovation and speed in every field of life. From home to office, from earth to sky, and land to sea, computers have facilitated man’s task and work. Consequently, computers has changed the working methodology of every work and field. Education sector is no exception of this. Moreover, every invention of science have replaced human task with machine.

Advantages of reading books

Whatever, is pace of time advantages of book readings are not ignore-able. Once books were meant as a lonely friend. Still many of us believe in this that books are good companion.  As human brain links  precedence and location with each and every thing we memorize. It does not save things as simple as we think. Often we remember a person due to his good or bad qualities, so remembering of person is due to its habits. Even though if we rot the things we will make connection of some other thing. In short when readers read book, they underline, mark figures, and write their notes on it to remember this. These will act as the memory tips for brain. It is, therefore, imperative that time can not degrade the advantages of book reading.

Another, great advantage of book is that you do not wander any where out side the book while book  reading. Comparatively concentration level of reading through books is high. Moreover, books are handy and comfortable to use. Research has revealed that human brain actively work while reading books.

Book reading reduce stress

Moreover, book reading reduce stress and tension. Whenever, you feel anxiety start reading book of your choice. Reading has magical effects on your nerves. The people who prefer to study good books, never feel lonely. Books are no doubt companion of a person. It gives us hope when we are in distress and shows us path when we are struggling for a goal. However, joy of reading prevails when someone takes interest in reading.

Essay on should students textbooks be replaced by notebook computers

Books reading enhance your abilities.

Likewise, reading books enhance your creativity and professionalism. It enables you to learn new and advanced techniques of your relevant fields. In addition to this, books tell you the experiences of your fields’ pioneers. In this way you find a chance of meeting with those experienced personalities to whom you cant meet in routine time. Hence, one can sharpen ones capabilities by books’ reading.

Advantages of table PC and notebook computers

The use of notebook computers in place of books no doubt a good choice. The students seem happy as they are going to get rid from bulky school bags. Similarly, computers with enormous speed and memory can save thousands of books and software for ready reference of learner. Meanwhile, teachers and students feel no tension for keeping notes and record. On the other hand, computers are handy and easy to use. Moreover, use of other gadgets for example camera, multimedia, speakers, and printers, with computers make it more user friendly. Similarly, use of the internet on computers is provision of facility to sea of information. It also keeps in touch both teachers and students. Hence use of computers in place of books has a number of advantages.

Dis-advantages of table PC and notebook computers

Since every invention of science has good as well as bad effects on society and individuals. Same is the case with computers. Mostly computers’ users can not manage time. There is concentration issue while reading books on the computer. As, the internet provides a lot of entertainment along-with information, therefore users usually trapped in the entertainment sites. In this way much time is consumed in idle work. Moreover, a computer has an effect on mental and physical health. It enhances sedentary life style. Research shows that computers have bitter effects on human organs. In addition to this, computers are destroying our family and relationship system. In a single house, parents and children even can not meet and chat as they involve in modern gadgets. Man is paying the cost of technology by destroying its relation, environment and health by using modern technologies.


It is well said excess of everything is bad. So, it is best choice to use computers in place of books meanwhile it must be remembered that only computers are not the source of good knowledge. The Book reading has good psychological and mental effects on our body. Moreover, our surroundings and environment also has a source of experience for us. Similarly meeting with teachers and parents, not only a source of experience as well as inspiration but it rehabilitates us mentally. So better choice is using of books and tablet PC/Note books computers

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