Sweet are the uses of adversity

sweet are the uses of adversity essay

Life is not bed of roses; it is full of hardships. As sun and shadow go side by side, in the same way happiness and sorrow come and go in life of a man. However, as the sun shine is not a permanent phenomenon for twenty-four hours similarly happiness and sorrow do not exist in life permanently. That’s why great author of English “Shakespeare” uses this words that “Sweet are the uses of adversity”.

While moving forward in life and doing the daily life activities risk is a common factor. It is imperative you may fell down while climbing on a mangoes’ tree; besides this you can not get mangoes without climbing up the tree. Similarly, one cannot become a good swimmer if he or she is not going to dive into the water while rejecting the fear of drowning. On the other hand, if you fell down from tree or faces a difficult situation while swimming then it will add experience to your life.  Consequently, in the second attempt you will perform much better as compared to your previous attempts. Hence, adversity brings experience and experience leads a better pattern of struggle in life and finally comfort and joy comes in to the life if continuous attempts are made.

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Adversity is a teacher

Apparently hardships are the best teachers that train us how to live a life. So adversity is a good teacher in the sense if trainee stay connected with his teacher. In our society we have numerous examples of success and defeat. We see that a man who do not leave struggle finally gets success in his life. While on the other hand a person who becomes pessimist and leaves effort and thus cannot manage to change his fate. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that former never gives up while later do not pay attention to the fruit of success. Every successful person leads his life according to his experiences which they have found while doing in futile efforts. In this way we can say that risks and hardships go side by side in life.

Another factor which comes as a result of adversity is tolerance and patience. If adversities of life do not teach a common man the importance of tolerance and patience; then adversities will prevail whole of human life. That’s why it is said that tolerance is need of hour. Patience kills enmity and a life without enmity is happy life.

In short, hardships and adversities are common in human life however successful people reshape their life as per experience obtained from these adversities while others remain in lurch. The best ingredients for way forward are tolerance, patience and continuous efforts. This is a secret of successful life when a man gets aware of the word that sweet are the uses of the adversity.

sweet are the uses of adversity

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