Principles of success in life

Everyone is interested to achieve his/her goals in life. Success is not uncertain for a hard worker. Here we are describing Principles of success in life. Success is nothing but a fruit that we get at the end of continuous struggle. Hard work is a pathway, which ultimately leads us to success. The road to success is always not as smooth as traffic road, we have to face many hardships and obstacles in shape of society attitudes, economic and material problems, health and biological issues and one of the biggest hurdles to success is the person himself.

Person attitudes, habits and life styles determine level of success for him. So, first thing is to change himself rather changing others, as progress and success are for individual so individual has to change himself first.




We, therefore, giving some workable tips and workout that are simple and easy to adopt to make a person successful in society.

Exercise daily and improve your health

Exercise daily and improve your health

If you have health issues, then none of the tips and plans will work. It is, therefore, necessary to look at your health and body on regular basis.  Following are some basic ideas for betterment of health.

  • Exercise regularly, if you cannot afford a gym or a physical trainer then it is no issue. There are several exercises, which one can do without any materialistic or individual help e.g., walking, cycling, and jogging. We have also given some basics exercises for individuals which can be done at home so practice these regularly these are Home fitness exercises for men.,

 How to live a healthy lifestyle Tips

Tips to deal with frustration and anger

  • Consult your physician once in six months or at least once in a year. Get your eye, teeth checked. Doctor’s visit will give you a forecast if any about your health.
  • Eat balanced diet. It is not always essential to eat meat, fish and fatty foods. You can use cereals, vegetables and fruits as an alternative. Stay away from junk food.

Write and mention your plans and ambitions

write and mention your plans

If, you are a student then prepare a workable timetable for study. There must be play and recreation time in your timetable. If you are a part of working class or an executive, please write down your diary for your targets and plans. Divide your plan in smaller achievable steps.

Research has revealed that people who write their plan comparatively get better results as compared to the people who work zigzag or without any written plan.

Stay connected with your relations

principles of success in life




Man is a social animal i.e. we cannot live alone whole societies and countries in the world are interconnected. Worlds’ societies and countries are living on sharing basis. Each nation has contribution in the world economy.

Same is the case with family life, individuals’ role will be effective if their family members, parents, friends are backing him.

Build healthy and faithful relationship. A good vigorous relation will give you inner satisfaction.


Save for the rainy season

Save for the rainy season


Try  to spend always less as per your earning. Save the earning which remain in your hand at the end of all expenditures. Invest wisely in a constructive manner. Do not become greedy and accumulator. Follow tax and economy regulations in money matters, to save himself from litigation and tensions.

Do not rely others believe in Allah

principles of success in life

Trust always on your struggles and believe in Allah. People will do little and mention more. Be faithful to yourself and work honestly as it is universal truth honesty is the best policy. Do not pay attention to people arguments about your work and plan. Live your life according to your own ambition and struggle to achieve the ambition.

Study for knowledge and success

principles of success in life

Relevance study will help you to move faster in your field. It will provide you a competitive level. More study will pen more horizons in your mind. If, you are a student then relevant and comparative study will make your prominent and superior in class as well as in exams. For business owners and executives it is mandatory to learn taxation laws, import issues, economic and marketing ethics for progress of business. Therefore, for a success study is also a most important ingredient.

Study biographies of successful personalities and know how they become successful in life. Write and memorize their good habits for motivation and work.

Do not give up always strive ahead

principles of success in life

You have to be self-motivated. Failures should be taken as a lesson rather as a stoppage. Find and workout about the facts that have led you to failure, remove weaknesses and hurdles and move ahead.

Analyze and optimize your work and life

There is always a room for change at every level of life and work. So be an analyst and optimizer for your life and work. Point and ponder your strengths and weaknesses. Try to curb the latter by workable plans. Do not be afraid from flaws and weaknesses of your work, try to overcome these and always get advice from your sincere fellows.

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