Exam Tips | How to Study For Exams

To get high grades and maximum marks in exams, give attention to each subject equally if you are not making balance in your studies the subjects with low grades and marks will also ruin your hard work in other subjects. Therefore breakdown your subjects and give equal interval of time to each subjects. The most important thing is that you must be clear in selecting your subjects and goals, you should have maximum interest level in your selection. once you have selected your goal then do not leave any stone un-turn to get your desire success. Doubtful in selection will do nothing but gives failure in exams.

Get Success in Exams

Please follow these and don’t hesitate to comments.

  1. Fix your goals and achievable targets  

Review your work and studies and set targets marks and grade for each subjects and then study accordingly. once you have set your targets, do not change them but change your  working hours, if you feel that targets are very high then give some extra efforts and time to your  preparation.

     2.   Do not study zigzag

Please follow your course out line or text books, because you will be asked questions from the course outlines, so course outline is your key path to follow. Study authenticate materials  and  contents.

      3.   Prepare a workable time table

Give equal interval of time to each of your study contents and subjects. it will be possible only when you have a proper time table for your studies. A good time table is one in which eating, recreation and rest hours are also included otherwise it will become difficult to follow.

        4.  Drill and practice

Do not rot any thing just practice and understand the basic ideas for each topic. Memorize well and give pen to each topic, and plenty of writing practice will improve your learning.

         5.  Group studies

Group studies is suggested for students but it is found that teens spend their time in  talking and useless activities, so it is related to maturity level, once you know how your time is precious thence you can study in any environment, however your serious fellow can share with you their experience which can save you time and efforts.

          6.  Test your preparation

Give test and put your self in exams to check your preparation, there are plenty of  workbooks in library for each subjects moreover there are many webs to get free quizzes and online preparation material.

          7.  Consult your teacher regularly

Do not hesitate to consult your teachers regularly, teacher is your best helper in achieving good marks, in semester system teacher guidance is very essential and fruitful, listen and prepare your daily lectures well and participate in class quizzes and test, do not bunk, stay regular. and give maximum time to your class, and keep attendance percentage high.

         8.  How to attempt paper while sitting in exams

Do not take pressure of exams because exams achiever and failure are all human so use your best of writing and learning skills while solving paper. here are some tips to attempt a paper:-

  • Attempt the questions which you have best learned.
  • Use headings and outlines but avoid conventional headings like use “foreword” instead of “introduction”, use “suggestions” instead of “conclusions” etc.
  • Use facts and figures to support your headings and answers.
  • Do not rush to complete the paper
  • Manage your time allowed for paper, divide it into parts as per questions.
  • Do not us unfair means, trust on your abilities.
  • Use quotations and facts and figures while answering.
  • Give references
  • Use your own and proper style of writing, and attempt only that numbers of questions which are asked.