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This quiz is about Biodiversity Quiz which includes some of very common  Questions and Answers about Biodiversity and biology. Before you practice  “Biodiversity Quiz Questions and Answers” here some explanation of biodiversity is given for your knowledge.

Diversity stands for existence of a thing or a matter in many forms and kinds. So biodiversity means existence of flora and fauna in may kinds and forms. Existence of Animals and Plants found in various form and in various habitats are referred as bio diversity. According to WWF (World Wildlife Federation) “Bio-Diversity is variety in all animals and plants including their habitats on this planet.” It may comprise millions of plants and animals. At present it is studied at “Genetics”, “Species” and “Ecosystem” level. Hence living things and habitats form a bio-diversity.

biology quiz

Biology quiz on biodiversity

Biology is the study of living organism. Due to diversity in the

living organism, all organism has been divided in to five kingdom

systems. It is pertinent to mention here that United States textbooks

are following six-kingdom system instead of five.