Statistics Quiz | Sampling theory Concepts

Statistics Quiz | Sampling theory Concepts

Statistics as a subject and branch of mathematics is now becoming a basic tool for demographer, social scientist and as well as census officials to organize and group raw data for policy and decision making. it has been observed developed countries have a better information and data about their societies and cities. Basic statistics is a driving force the Government. Quizz and online tests on our portal are for beginner as well as professional to learn and revise their basic ideas about the subject. Here “Statistics Quiz | Sampling theory Concepts” is given for your practice.


Frequency Distribution

Arrangement of data to determine the number of individuals belonging to each class is referred as
Smallest and largest limits of data are referred as
In a class data, midpoints between the upper class limit of a class and the lower class limit of the next class in the sequence, is referred as
In a class data, the difference between the upper and lower class boundaries is referred as
In Class data, by adding each frequency in the table we get a
The midpoint of the class interval is referred as
In Class data, a graph for the frequency distribution is referred as
Formula for computation of mean for grouped data is
Formula for computation of variance for grouped data is
Find the probability that in 100 tosses of a fair coin (a) between 50% and 70% will be heads, (b) or more will be heads.
Four groups of girls, consisting of 11, 15, 10, and 18 individuals, reported mean weights of 160, 140,152, and 125 lb, respectively. Find the mean weight of all the girls.
Standard deviation for the data in the above question is

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