Binomial Distribution Quiz | Basic Probability Concepts with explanation

Binomial Distribution Quiz

Practice makes a man perfect. Practice to improve skills in basic math and statistic. To coup with problems of math and statistic it is suggested that at first hand you pay attention to basics of statistics and their formula . One can only get high grades in math and stat if one has given time and done a lot of practice. Here quiz are uploaded free for you on the topic of binomial distribution also referred as Bernoulli’s distribution. The Math quizzes MCQs given of “tipschief” will be helpful for math beginner as well as professional to revive their topics in various discipline of math. Binomial Distribution Quiz is given for your practice. Please do give us feed back so that we may alter for better contents and data.


Binomial Distribution and Expansion.

Independent trials repeatedly done are referred as
P (X = x) = n C x Pˣ q ^ n-x is a formula for
According to a survey, about 37% of female are literate. Suppose you randomly survey 6 females. What is the probability that exactly 2 of them are literate.
If a fair coin tossed 20 times, what is the probability of getting exactly 10 heads.
Find the probability that in tossing a fair coin two (2) times, there will be 2 heads ?
Find the probability that in 4 tosses of a fair die, a 4 will appear (a) twice, (b) at most once ?
Suppose 10% of the tools produced by a factory are defective, determine the probability that out of 4 tools chosen at random, (a) 1 tools will be defective?
Calculate the probability that in a group of 4 cattle there will be (a) at least 1 male cattle, (b) at least 1 male cattle and at least 1 female cattle. Assume that the probability of a male cattle is 0.50 ?
Suppose the probability of a factory production is 0.50, find (a) the mean, (b) the standard deviation, for the number of defective items in a total of 250 produced items.
In a box of Tools it is known that 80% will work. A sample of three of the tools is selected at random. Find the probability that none will work.
Suppose that a success occurs with probability 0.25 in each trial, find the probability that in 5 trials there are 0 successes ?
Find the probability that in tossing a fair coin three times, there will appear no heads?

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