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what is Urbanization

Urbanization is not a new phenomenon, there remained a thirst for better facilities in the population of human society. Migration of people from villages and towns to cities boosted in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Early Urbanization started Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Nile Valley and United States region.

Urbanization Quiz


Urban settlemet

1. The migration of people from the villages to the city
2. -----------------started in the eighteenth and nineteenth in United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
3. Agglomeration stands for
4. Spatial fix is idea of
5. Industrial revolution augmented
6. People living in cities in USA are above -------% of total population
7. Early sign of urbanization are found at
8. The second and third hearth of urbanization were located at
9. Primate city term is referred for
10. Merger of country side or adjoining area of a city into city land is often referred as
11. Urbanization is controlled by Government in
12. Unrestricted growth of housing, commercial developments and roads over large areas of land without planning is referred as
13. Top urban areas of Asia lies in
14. Urbanization rank and size theories "primate city "central place" and Hexagonal Hinterlands were proposed and introduced by
15. Primate cities in developing countries are referred as

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