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World Geography quiz

World population is now increasing at explosion rate. From a number of 15000 in 70,000 BP has now increased to 6 billion. According to an estimate it would be 7.3 billion in near future. China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan are most populous on the globe. To study demographic development and rise in the population “” is presenting free quizz online test for knowledge aspirant.


Growth and distribution of world population

1. Landmark of 1 billion in the human population was achieved in the year
2. In 1987 world population was
3. At present (2015) world population estimates are
4. World most populous country is
5. World population demographic model was first introduced by in 1945 by a US demographer
6. Population Growth in countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Canada is at
7. Asian countries fall in the categories of
8. Stages in population demographic model are
9. Stages "high stationary period" , "early expanding phase" “late expanding phase” and "low stationary period" are introduced by US Demographer
10. Boo "The Demographic Transition: Stages, Patterns, and Economic Implications" authored by french demographer
11. UNO organ which deals with World population is
12. According to UNO Asia's population in 2100 will be
13. Least populated continent is
14. Near 70,000 BP world population was estimated to
15. In the time of Christ human population estimated to

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