Basic Statistics Quiz | Permutation Factorial Test

Basic Statistics Quiz

Basic Statistics Quiz: Students get confused while calculating factorial and permutation, the reason behind is that they do not practice and learn the formulas instead of concentrating on calculation through calculator. Quiz is made for such a lethargic personalities to improve their skill in questions involving permutation and factorial.


Permutation Factorial (Probability) Basic Statistics Online free Quizz Test

1. Orderly arrangement of numbers or elements is referred as
2. Permutation of a number also have
3. n P r =
4. n P r =
5. What is the number of different arrangements, or permutations, consisting of 4 letters each that can be formed from the 8 letters x,y,z,t,u,v,w, is
6. The number of different arrangements of the 8 letters of the word "A M I R A Z A M", which consists of 2 M, 3 A, 1 each of I , R & Z is
7. The number of different arrangement for the 13 letters word "UNITED KINGDOM" consisting of 1 number each of U, T,E,K,G, O & M, 2 number each of N,I,D is
8. n! =
9. Factorial of Zero or 0! is
10. Factorial of Fraction is calculated by Gamma function e.g. 1/2! =
11. How many ways can 15 soldiers from a group of 25 be lined up for a parade?
12. P(20,10) =

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