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Computer Trivia | MCQs with answer on CPU

Computer Trivia | MCQs with answer on CPU Computer Trivia | MCQs with answer on CPU is uploaded in which twenty MCQs question with answer are given about CPU (Central Processing Unit). Practice these questions freely. And give us feed back. Practice makes the man perfect. Therefore we recommend that user may successively practice the […]


Online Database Design Quiz and Normalization Questions

Mathematics Quiz Questions with Answers

Basic Computer Database Design Quiz: Collection of information in an organized form on a computer is often referred. Where as term normalization is referred for refining of the database. It includes organization of data in rows and columns. in normalization redundancy  is removed and data refinement and its integrity is enhance. So the database operator/beginners […]


History and Generation of Computer short essay

History and Generation of Computer This article is about History and Generation of Computer. Computer development can be divided in following eras:- The Mechanical Era (1623-1945) In this era Leibniz developed calculating machine, Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine, came into existence in 1842,  George Boole research also did help in early developments. First Generation Electronic Computers (1937-1953) In […]


Basic Computer Quiz Questions With Answers

Basic Computer Quiz

Basic Computer Quiz This online Basic Computer Quiz is related to computer general concepts and will test your knowledge about the basis of computer. These question are also helpful and important for different jobs interviews and job entry test. For taking this Quiz click on the start click button. Computer is an electronic device which […]


Computer Programming Quiz for Software Engineers

Computer Programming Quiz

Basics of Computer Programming Quiz This online Computer Programming Quiz will cover the basic concepts of computer programming languages like C, C++, PASCAL, VB and JAVA. MCQS questions are related to general programming concepts. Click on the start quiz for taking this online Quiz. Programming is set of codes, small instructions, developed and designed modules […]


Computer History Quiz MCQS Question

Generation Of computers cyclic hierarchical

History of Computer Generation Quiz This Computer History Quiz is related to “history of computer”, most of questions are related to generation of computers. This short quiz will give you the brief history of computer and can cover your most of interview questions related to computer history. History of computer is not much different than a […]


Online Computer Quiz for kids about Parts

Computer Quiz for Kids

Computer Quiz Questions for Younger Kids: This Online Computer Quiz for kids about basic computer Parts for younger Kids for basic awareness of computer parts. there are multiple choice Questions with images of computer part, which is making a very interest quiz for your children. Your child will choose a image form multiple possible option for answering this […]


Database SQL Quiz | SQL Practice Questions Advance Test Online

Database SQL Quiz | SQL Practice Questions Advance Test Online

SQL Test | SQL Advance Quiz | SQL Tests online Structured Query Language or SQL is a standard language  or handling databases. Structured Query Language is an ANSI standard. SQL is used for executing, retrieving, inserting, updating, deleting or crating data or records in database. This Database SQL Quiz will cover the some important concepts of SQL database. Since database […]