Biology diagram worksheet

One of the most difficult task for students is to learn and label biology diagram and structure. Here Biology diagram worksheet post is created for all learners and students to get command on biology diagrams. Some of the diagrams are added for you for your practice and knowledge. Teachers and students are encouraged to give feed back and practice these diagrams. All of these diagrams are free for students and teachers but not for commercial use.


It is a cylindrical organism found in the animal cells. it occurs near the nucleus. Here diagram is given for test and labelling.

diagram of centriole


It is one of the most important part of both human and plant cell, it controls all the function of cell and plays important role in reproduction and cell division. Diagram if given for students to label and draw.

labelling of animal cell

Plant Cell

Plant cell and animal cell are different. chloroplast is found in plant cell which is plays important role in photosynthesis. label diagram of plant cell it is quiz for you.


label plants cell biology diagram

Golgi Body

It plays important role in secretion and transportation within and out side the body of cell. it is a bit difficult to label but genius can do it.

label diagram of golgibody of biology


DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid . It contains heredity information, and it plays important role in cell division, these are vital part of reproduction. it is part of animal as well as virus cell. Label it and learn its diagram

label diagram of DNA


It is covered by cell membrane and contains RNA and DAN, vacuoles, cytoplasm etc.


diagram of nucleous for labelling


Similar to human eye lashes found in cells. These are of three types and are termed as driver or driving particles of cell as it make flow of sperm, mucus etc.


diagram of cilia of biology images

Cell Membrane

it is outer most layer of a cell. that controls all liquid and flow of cell. Label the diagram and enjoy.

diagram of cell membrane


These are part of immune system and makes immune system of any living body. It controls and kills viruses and bacteria. Do label and practice diagram.


diagram of antibody biology images