Foundation makeup tips | Makeup foundation tutorials

If you can apply foundation or base rightly its can cover many skin problems and helps to look you  great. here are some Foundation makeup tips.

The best way to apply foundation 

Day cream;
– Foundation;
Paper napkin;
Makeup brushes;
– Clean water;
– Face Powder;

Tips to apply foundation

For best result Before starting all process,clean your face with cleanser , wash your hand and face and tone your face with skin toner and keep in mind all brushes,towel and sponge should clean.Remove hair from your chin upper lips or from your face if u have ,otherwise foundation will give a bad look.

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Before using day cream or foundation select both  according to your skin type, Following chart will help you to pick up right color, Many kind and colors foundation are available in market like compact powders, creamy foundation, liquids foundation,etc there are many oil free foundation for oily skin , creamy foundation for dry skin and liquid foundation for normal skin are available in market.So,select foundation for your skin wisely.

How to apply foundation on skin

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beauty tips54Always test foundation on your arm or on your right side of hand ,test in natural light mean in outside.For testing when you apply foundation wait for a few minutes ,if the foundation color is don’t change on your skin some minutes ,and still matching with your skin ,its mean it is best for you

Best Tools or things to apply Foundation:

Three best  tools to apply foundation are following

1-Makeup Brushes:

Many brushes in makeup kit for good result select right one for you.Round and flat brushes are best for application of foundation on face and neck.



In some area of face sponge do best work.

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3-Tips to apply foundation with fingers

Fingers are consider best makeup tool,for applying foundation you can apply best foundation with right use of your fingers specially corners  of your face and on your forehead ,under your eyes,upper and lower side of your lips and sides of nose.


  • ¬†Apply ¬†face cream and wait some time don’t apply foundation¬†rightly after cream.After applying cream clean your face with paper napkin.First step is completed here.Start from center of the face area, massage lines without stretching the skin with your fingers or a sponge base as not ignore the principle, otherwise all the wrinkles and pores absorb a large amount of ¬†foundation ,and foundation will look like paint on the face. On your ¬†eyes, ears and neck of the surrounding area of your face. In these places you need to carefully shade of concealer.
  • Amount of foundation should equal on all area of your face don’t ¬†ignore ¬† your neck . use concealer to hide small pimples ,red spots, ¬†eye circle ,marks , spots and ¬†on your skin problem areas. and pat pat the concealer directly rub a small pea. Carefully ¬†remove ¬†extra concealer with ¬†sponge.
  • At last ¬†apply the ¬†face powder on your ¬†Lower face and cheeks .Don’t apply fat layer of powder it will add a ¬†fake look on your face .So,be careful.Make up most important step is completed here.
  • After makeup always clean brushes .To clean brushes properly Read this article