How to minimize pores from face

It is a  great problem for some people that How to reduce pores specially from oily skin , As they get dirt constantly opening  of pores causes  pimples on face. Proper Cleaning and toning your skin can deal with the issue. Here are some useful tip to close open face pores.

Home Remedies To Reduce Face Pores :

Do Special care of oily skin take advantage from products only washing is not enough for your skin thoroughly clean your face with some good quality cleanser and use skin toner to stop the pores . Clean your skin twice a day.

Clay Mask For Oily Skin To Minimize Pores:

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Make clay  mask in warm water. With a brush or your fingertips, avoiding the eye area, to apply on your face. That strict application of the cream, then washed with cold water and wipe  your face and use face tonic, wait for about 15 minutes  (oil and for skin problems). Two times a day or a week, make a mask  and use it .

Best Home made Fruit Toner to close face pores :

Every day,clean your face, massage your face with a piece of lemon or cucumber and wipe your face. You  can make a toner at home , Mixed in equal amounts,different  fruit juice , 30-50 ml 100 ml Add alcohol. This toner is best for oily skin to close pores, this toner works as most expensive facial toner replacement.

Protein And Lemon Face Mask :



Whisk a protein and a little lemon juice. Paste on the face and is held for about 20 minutes. For  Wash use your favorite soap. for good result  repeated it  several times in a week.

Regular Cleansing Of Face:

minimize pores from face

Cleansing twice a week, and if necessary, use three. It will make  skin tone good and  Also, remove dead cells and renew the  your skin add freshness to your skin.For oily skin do cleansing of your face twice a day.You a good natural ingredients cleanser according to your skin type,it will remove extra oil from your face.