Some most essential tips to IMPROVE HANDWRITING  and  FREE PRINT ABLE WRITING SHEETS IN ENGLISH HINDI AND URDU are given for curious learner to improve and correct their handwriting.

  • In the beginning one should learn to control the fingers, beginners should first know about the movements and actions of their fingers. So teacher ought to teach students at first instance how to get grip on fingers.
  • Chalk, Slate, and wooden board are good training tool for improvement of hand writing and practices.
  • Learners have awareness about the starting and ending points of each alphabets.
  • Use of flash cards or computer printed model of alphabets for writing practices is best solution.
  • Teachers/Learners concentrate on types of alphabets/Letters, GRASS, ROOT AND SKY LETTERS.
  • Alphabets that rest equally in between the two middle lines for example, a ,c , e , i , u , etc. are known as the grass letters, for good writing the key is to get control and writing grip on these letters.
  • Sky letters are those that rest upper three lines, e.g. b, d, f , k etc.
  • The letters resting over below three lines and leaving one above line empty are termed as root letters.
  • Seating place and sitting styles matters a lot in writing. Distance between writing/reading place and eyes must not be increased or decreased beyond 25 cm.
  • Give equal and same weightage to each and every alphabet i.e. position, size and length.
  • Always write according to notebook or paper marked lines.
  • Don’t rush but write continuously and consistently in a medium pace.
  • Attention should be given to the letters for which writer facing problem in practicing and writing.
  • Remember following important tips for improvement of writing.
  • Size, length and distance between each alphabets.
  • Write on the line
  • For good and improvement of writing key is to

           Write, write and write.

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Below PDF work sheets “Urdu alphabets writing practice for kids” are given for handwriting practice in URDU.

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