Cisco 2600 series 2691 IOS image for GNS3 Download:

From here you can download the Cisco 2600s IOS for your Gns3. Please remember this IOS is only for educational purpose. As per Cisco you dont have the right to use this IOS for commercially use, for Ā commercially use you may required licence from Cisco.

Cisco 2600 series router For GNS3

Cisco 2600s series router normally have 1 or 2 E or FEĀ PortsĀ in, Ā you can also use the serial interface with Cisco 2600 IOS. there are three slotsĀ for WICs with each slot have two serial interfacesĀ and 1 Network Module port which supports max fourĀ Ethernet ports or 16 FE interfaces.

2691 IOS Image for GNS3

Cisco 2691 supported interface for  gns3

ImageĀ version 12 4 25 d

File name: c2600_adventerprisek9_mz.124_25d.bin
Min R.A.M : 128 MB
idle-PC value: 0 x 8 0 5 1 9 c 4 8

Download Cisco 2600 GNS3

2691 IOS Image for GNS3

For Cisco 2691 IOS image for gns3 you can download this image from here.

Download Cisco 2691 for GNs3