Top Tips to get soft and smooth skin naturally

To Maintain youthfulness and freshness of the face some easy home remedies are being described for you which will help you great.

Yogurt Face Mask for Skin softness and whiting:

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Simple natural yogurt is a great skin cleanser .Place on the face and leave for ten minutes, then wash with water and clean face. Soon it will be effect and will make soft and smooth.

Take Half cup yogurt and add  five drops of lemon juice, mix it ,apply for 5 minutes,then wash it out with water .

 Best Homemade Mask For Acne:

Top Tips to get soft and smooth skin naturally

Take One tablespoon turmeric powder and half cup full fat yogurt blend it well,apply on face for 10 to 20 minutes and remove it by plain water.

Apricot And Honey Mask to remove face hair:

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Mash  some apricot mix honey and make a thick paste of it. This face mask of honey is best natural way to get rid from face hair ,as honey and apricot weakened the hair roots,for good effects use it several times,its make your face soft and smooth ,keeps your face skin tight.

Best Home Face Mask for dry skin:

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Take 1 table spoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of cream, Apply to the face for ten minutes and soaked cotton balls in warm water and wipe your  face with it.

Best Homemade Cream For Hand softness:

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Many parts of the body of become rough and dry with age,specially hands  continuous use of soap makes your hand skin dry , lemon is consider  ideal cleanser. and  turmeric powder makes skin  soft and smooth.Mix  lemon with turmeric powder  and Apply lemon cream   to hands  message it for 15 minutes on your hands ,this simple remedy effects are very good.When you will use you will see it by yourself.

Easy Home Remedy For beautiful feet and heels:

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In Three teaspoons of mustard oil and  mix two teaspoons  turmeric and  make a paste , Leap tit on your heels at night and wear socks ,use till a week will make your heels soft ans smooth.Every night Apply mixture of glycerin and rose water on your feet for over night ,it will make your feet beautiful in a few days.