Ways to keep your heart healthy

Ways to keep your heart healthy

Heart is one of the most important organ of living being. It not only regulates all blood in the body organs but also supply food and oxygen to organs of the body. Some most important tips and  Ways to keep your heart healthy are given for your health.




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Quit smoking | stay away from smoking.

Smoking is one of the most common habit that is cause of lungs and mouth cancer and it has a great contribution in heart disease. According to American research people who remain half an hour under the smoke of ciggarate three to four times in a week, they are likely to develop heart disease. So quitting smoking is not a guarantee to avoid heart disease also keep a distance from smoker.

Eat heart friendly food.

Ways to keep your heart healthy

A variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals and dry fruits are beneficial to keep heart stronger and healthy. Here is a list of heart friendly food items.

Eat garlic regularly.

Research shows that garlic contains vitamins and anti-oxidants that are useful for heart. Elson a vitamin found in garlic keeps our heart stronger. Moreover, it also controls blood pressure and cholesterol. Another discovery about garlic tells that it helps to curb cancer by stopping the breaking of cells.

Benefits of tomato.

Anti-oxidants lyso peen in tomato is helpful to control blood pressure and cholesterol. It also hinders breaking of cells.  It is best to use tomato as a salad with olive oil to get its benefits; however in most of regions it is a common ingredients of many dishes, which is good practice.

Use dry fruits to cut the level of cholesterol.

Experiments indicate that eating dry fruits one of the best remedy to bring down the level of cholesterol. As mono saturated fats is part of dry fruit that is beneficial for our heart. Once in a week eat dry fruit.


Eat mango, as it is advantageous for hearts’ health. Vitamins and anti-agents of mango are very useful for blood pumping organ. It makes defense and immune system of body stronger. Mango can be useful as a milk shake. Take a glass of milk shake daily on breakfast table. It is source of Calcium, Vitamin A,B and C and several useful anti agents.


Apple rehabilitates and improves our immune system. It is rich in iron. Iron plays important role for better functioning of heart and brain.




Ways to keep your heart healthy

Healthy environment

Good and health social as well as biotic environment is necessary for heart. Stay away from dusty & smoky environment. Polluted air contains most of dangerous metal as well as gaseous particles that are destructive for human organ. Moreover, noise pollution also have damaging effect on our heart.

Family relation and home environment.

See Environmental Issues Essay | List of Environmental Problems . Research shows that socially strong and people in joint family system have less percentage of heart disease. In a strong family relationship, people do share their issues and get satisfied as sharing is caring. People feel satisfaction and shelter in a good connected relation. So for good heart health do live in an environment that is socially and biology free of pollution.

Take complete sleep upto 6 to 8 hours daily for good heart health.


American and British researchers have found that better and early medication can also prevent us from heart disease. If tension, frustration and anger is dammed at an early stage then we can prevent heart disease. How to get rid from tension read our article How to get rid from tension and sadness & Natural herbs to get rid of Anxiety and Tension   & Treatment for tension headaches |Best Relief for Tension Headache    are helpful posts on issues of tension and anger must study as well. In most of cases, aspirin is good as it diluted blood and reduces its speed inside the blood vessel. It is useful to take aspirin at night for good health of heart.

Exercise regularly 

Jogging, Walking, running and cycling is useful exercises for hearts’ health. Diving/swimming in a pool is also beneficial. It is experimentally proved that cycling is favorable for getting rid from tension. As people under depression have more likely to develop heart disease. So eliminate the root cause (i.e. depression, anger, tension and stress) of heart disease by doing regular exercise up to at least thirty minutes daily.

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Ways to keep your heart healthy