Probability Quiz including Combination

Probability Quiz

Probability Quiz: Statistics as a branch of mathematics mostly considered for probability and finding various opportunities from a population sample. Probability along with combination have many applications in daily life. A quiz with explanation is given for you. practice it and improve your skill in mathematics and statistics quiz.


Combination and Probability

1. An arrangement of numbers or elements without regarding order is referred as
2. n C r =
3. n C r =
4. The number of arrangement in which 5 sheets can be selected from a total of 20 different sheets is
5. A sheet is drawn at random from a box containing 5 red sheets, 4 white sheets, and 6 blue sheets. Calculate the probability that it is (a) red, (b) white, (c) blue, (d) not red, (e) red or white.
6. What is the probability of two heads, HH and exactly one H head if a fair coin tossed twice?
7. Find the probability of not getting a 2 or 12 total on either of two tosses of a pair of fair dice
8. Total number of ways in which two dice may turn are.
9. One box contains 6 white balls and 4 black balls, another contains 2 white balls and 3 black balls. If one ball is drawn from each bag, find the probability that (a) both are white, (b) both are black, (c) one is white and one is black.
10. P(B|A)=P(A|B)P(B) /P(A) is referred as
11. Find number of arrangements for 12 objects into two groups containing 8 and 4 objects, respectively?
12. Find ways for a team of 4 players be chosen out of 9 players.

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